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Curated list of best WordPress resources, tutorials, news, and updates.


Complying with the EU Cookie policy of Google AdSense

Here’s how to comply with the EU Cookie Consent Policy as enforced by Google Adsense.


How to Add Rich Snippets in WordPress to boost SEO

How to add Schema Markup – Rich Snippets in WordPress to boost the SEO of your blogs.


Websites that support oEmbed in WordPress

All Websites supporting oEmbed that makes it easy to embed content in WordPress


Displaying Featured Image in WordPress RSS feed

Learn why WordPress RSS feeds are still important and how you can customise your default RSS feeds by automatically adding featured images from your blog posts.


Download Twenty Sixteen WordPress Theme from Github

You can now Download and contribute to Twenty Sixteen – Default WordPress theme for 2016 from Github!


A Complete Guide to MailChimp RSS to Email Newsletter

One of the problems that most website owners and bloggers face is the time to setup a newsletter and send it on a regular basis.

MailChimp RSS Campaigns can help get started with an automated newsletter!

Facebook Messenger Bot for WordPress

In this tutorial, we are going to build a facebook’s messenger bot for our WordPress site.

Complete Guide to WordPress 4.5

Learn all about new features and updates in the latest version of WordPress release – WordPress 4.5!

Google Tag Manager for WordPress

Learn how to use Google Tag Manager in this detailed guide for WordPress.

Dance to Calypso

What would we build if we were starting from scratch today, knowing all we’ve learned over the past 13 years of building WordPress? At the beginning of last year, we decided to start experimenting..